In 2007 we realized our life-long dream of owning a home in the country and part of that dream was to own dairy goats. In 2013 that part of the dream came true with the adoption of our first and most precious, Belle and Bea. Belle and Bea are of the Toggenburg breed, a Swiss, mid-size breed with a lovely temperament and a gift for producing lots of wonderful milk.  Its been an amazing journey – we all learned together and they continue to give us beautiful babies (Cupcake is one of Belle’s daughters) and the best goat milk that they share with us.

2007 also brought with it a diagnosis of eczema on Lou’s hands. We began purchasing goat milk soap at the grocery store to see if it would give any relief.  It did!  We researched and learned and now are able to make our own soap and it has proven itself very beneficial in dealing with inflammation and dryness. We cannot make claims but this is how it has worked for us.

Our goal is to do what we can to optimize and provide a healthy, sustainable environment for the land and goats. During the green months our goats are free to graze on our own, lush organically-managed pasture. During the winter they feast on hay grown from the same land, free of chemicals. Mineral and herb supplements protect their immune systems.   A healthy goat makes the best milk and soap!

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